Kingdoms and Nations

PC Kingdoms

Adrubael: The high theocracy of Adurbael, protectors of the faith.

Alyran Imperialis: Foreigners from across the sea. They bear the mandate of their Emperor and come to reunite the lands of Arnor.

Alyran Reclaimers: Led by the descendant of the mythical king. Their armies seek to reclaim the once great Empire.

Arangar: The towers of Arangar are a key defense to the realms. Situated West of Therafore the Aranagrans protect their stretch of the border with a series of border towers. Each tower holds a hundred men and can hold off thousands of besiegers.

Barrador: A borderland nation, while not as great as Therafore to the west, Barrador is a nation of cavalry and archers. The inhospitable plains that make up the path between the taint and the populated lands. The Barradorans are amongst the greatest heavy cavalry known to exist and they ride forth to battle the taint.

Candor: The Elven forest realm. Surrounded by the waters of the Arduin it is home to the last refuge of the Wood Elves.

Intral: The Dark Swamps, home to the lizardmen.

Khazad-Kar: The Dwarven kingdom in central Arnor.

Madrigore: The broken isles. Madrigore exists as a nation on maps only, the disparate isles are a collection of clans. They are excellent reavers, they fight both the seaborn, the tainted, the coastal nations, and each other.

Messiana: The Ivory City, home to the High Elves of Arnor. Their gleaming walls and bright towers are bastions of light in an often dark times.

Raelan: Seat of the High Circle. A Mageocracy ruled by the most powerful wizards in the realms. Home to the Spellblades.

Raz'Al'Kar: The North Eastern Dwarven Kingdom, home to the Overthane.

Seaborne: The seaborne are a people born at sea. Each and every man and woman are excellent sailors. Sailors, marines, and merchants is the way of life amidst the seaborne isles. The leader of the Seaborne is the Master/Mistress of vessels. They are elected by the Deep Council, the heads of the 15 clans to serve for life. Their islands are spread far and wide on the eastern ocean and they are responsible for carrying most trade over the seas and between nations.

Therafore: The fortress land, standing on the border of the taint. Each citizen of Therafore grows up with basic combat training and its standing guard is one of the greatest in the realms. The country itself is dedicated wholly to war with little industry, agriculture, or trade. In light of the service the country is supported by gifts from the other realms. Standing across the pass is the Bedrock Fortress, the massive capitol city boasting five walls and numerous defenses. It has never fallen to an enemy even when besieged for months during the blight wars.

Tyr: The Trading hub for the South. Tyr is situated in Southernmost Central Arnor and handles most goods traveling across the continent making it a wealthy city.

Wellfor: Wellfor a key trading hub for central Arnor. Any goods not traveling through the coast travel through Wellfor and the Griffin City.

NPC Kingdoms

Arrafel: The emerald isle, an island nation known for its excellent timber and beautiful lands. The Arrafellans are excellent shipwrights and artisans. The vessels they make are slender works of beauty.

Fantal: Nomadic tribes of Barbarians

Fel'dun: Reculsive Dwarves

The Gorgon's Lair: A Mountainous Region full of monsters and evil that plagues Central Arnor.

Gorm:  Also known as the Unnamed Kingdom. It is a reclusive nation that allows only authorized traders through or in.

Janre: A feudal kingdom made up of the duchys and baronies of several lords.

Kloom: The free cities of Kloom, an agrarian country with a powerful militia

Meek: A small independent nation that exists more as a political line then as an actual nation. 

Parzant: A dark and wretched nation. Might makes right.

Pilz: A nation ever on the defensive, surrounded by enemies.

Seldor Algar: Brothers to Seldor Vagar, competing for the Imperial City.

Seldor Vagar: The lost homes,  fertile farmland surrounding what once was the High Court of the entire empire. Hearty and strong people work the land, always on watch.

Straz: The corpse kingdom, fiefs ruled by skilled knights.

The Shadow's Domain: The lands corrupted by blight.

Waelz: Plains riders living between the Great Chasm and the Ardun River

Extinct Nations:

<s>Adru'dae:</s> The independent kingdom surviving under the shadow of the Church.

<s>Breen:</s> The Free and Happy People's Republic of Breen

<s>Jem'zar</s>: The amalgamated Kingdom of Jem'zar. A council of nobles who believe in something greater.

<s>Keth:</s> A normal human nation. Nothing special about it.

Kingdoms and Nations

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