William Davion the 30th

Patriarch of the Holy Children


To the North a coming storm,
To the south a beacon of light shall rise,
Look for the holiest of child to lead the armies of light,
For in him all hope rests against the darkness.

- Chronicles of the First Patriarch William Davion the First;
Prophecy of the Chosimbaone


The thirtieth to bear the name and title. Patriarch William Davion the thirtieth is the Holy Protector, high pontifex, keeper of the flame, servant of light, and Patriarch of the church of the Holy Children.

William Davion has spent his life dedicated to the search of the holy Chosimbaone to lead the the people of Anor from the coming darkness to the North. He will stop at nothing to search the land for the holiest of children. His quest is mission of all the followers of the church as they travel throughout the kingdoms of the south looking for the worlds salvation.

William Davion the 30th

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