The Kingdoms of Arnor.

Once the land was united under a single banner that stretched from the Jaelric Ocean to the Gossamer Sea bordered. Then the lands of the legendary king Aetheron Varn Dyeend broke with his death.

Three hundred years later, it is the year 517 of the Ancestral Calendar, the realms are fractured. The broken provinces have new kings and queens, forgoing their bonds as noble houses and seeking their own bid for the Lion Throne.

The throne sits empty. In the wastes to the north the shadow stirs, and an ill wind blows from the eastern ocean, within the swamps and crypts evil things stir.




Who is at war or Allied with whom? Found Here

What actions are available?:  Found Here.

How many court actions do I get? Based on Court Level

What can I build in my provinces? Here are the assets

What are the units? Here they are

Can I spend more GB than I have in my treasury? Yes, however each 1GB or a fraction thereof over your existing treasury results in an additional 1/4GB of debt the following turn. So if you have a treasury of 10 and spend 10 3/4 GB on your turn you'll lose 1GB of income the following turn. If you spend 8GB over the interest will be 2GB for a total expense of 10GB.

Can I spend more RP than I have in my pool? No

Can I hold more RP than my max RP? No, but you can raise your Max RP limit by leveling up through adventure, battle, and events.

What is RP good for? RP is good for a couple different things, the primary use is to increase your chances of success with an action such as Espionage or Rule Holding(Cannot be used for Rule Province). Up to 5 RP can be spent to increases odds of success. Likewise it can be used for defense of holdings and to prevent hostile actions. To use it this way just state the RP being put towards defense in the turn orders.

Turn Status

Turn Status (03/09/18 @ 11:45 CST)

Orders Due (03/09/18 @ 17:00 CST)

Turn 10 Orders Received: 4/16

Turn 10 Orders processed: 0/30

Turn  10 Summaries Sent out: 0/16