Ventrus Paragorn the 5th

Regent of Therafore


He is a tall and proud man, he wears Imperious, sacred plate that functions as both the uniform of the Theraforan military and the royal dress of Therafore’s king.

The long blade, Blightsbane, a sword forged millennia ago by the finest craftsmen.

Beneath the uniform he has thick dark curly hair worn long and flowing. A privilege of his station.

He has a wide smile under brown soulful eyes. His olive skin is less tanned than most of his people, protected from sun by the almost ever present Imperious plate mail, for a Theraforan should always be ready to fight.


King Ventrus Paragorn the 5th, Regent of Therafore, Protector of the Realms, Knight of Arnor, Great General.

Ventrus is the epitome of nobility. He and his family have protected the lands of men from the tainted lands for generations, watching over the lands and defeating many evils.

Paragorn like all Theraforans learned the sword, spear, and shield as soon as he was old enough to hold them. He leads allies against the shadow’s forces many times holding back the tainted curse that accompanies the adversary’s touch.

It is said that he has slain a blighted dragon in combat, saving hundreds of men from its tainted breath.

Ventrus plays the game of politics well, knowing that his small nation is reliant upon those it protects just as he knows that his protection is all that stands between a tide of death and the realms of Arnor.

He is honored and accepted in most lands, the title Knight of Arnor, a title only held by one other individual in all the kingdoms, granting him free passage.

Ventrus Paragorn the 5th

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