Kingdoms of Arnor

1st Spring Dawn, 518
Turn 4 Summary

Carrion birds fill the skies, nations war against nation, and an ill wind blows from the east.

Shadows come from the north darkening the skies.

Yet the spirit of the people fights on each in their own way. While some hearts grow dark others shine.

Side Note While each person has the ability to update the wiki pages, please do not do so without talking to me first, this includes the front page. I make mistakes, but sometimes there is a deliberate change that has an in-game reason. If you are wondering why something is the way it is on your page please ask. If I give you the go ahead then you can change your page.

In addition to this there is no reason that any player should ever be updating the front page or another nation's wiki page. I try to make backups when I do major changes, but sometimes I forget and the portal's backups aren't perfect either.

30th Radiant, 517
Turn 3 Summary

War has come to many corners of Arnor:

The Madrigorans declared war upon the peaceful Kethans.

Honouring their Alliance the Dwarves joined the war and brought the Tyrans in as well.

Keeping true to their bond the elves of Candor joined Keth along with the nomads of Fan'tal

Barradorans abandoned their posts in the north and declared war upon the Regent Council of Jem'zar.


Now the harsh winter of Arnor is descending upon the realms.

31st Stran, 517

Turn 2 Summary

The heat of summer has broken, the cool autumn winds blow through.

The clouds begin to darken.

Nothing of note is expected.

Important Dates:

None these months

Political Developments:

Adrubael & Tyr: Trade Treaty

Adrubael & Messiana: Trade Treaty

Intral & Pilz: Non-Aggression Treaty

Intral & Raelan: Non-Aggression Treaty

Jem’zar & Raz’Al’Kar: War

Messiana & Tyr: Trade Treaty


30th Melifor, 517
Turn 1 Summary

With the spring rains and plantings comes a flurry of activity as regents continue their games and the borderlands prepare for a blight horde which did not come.

Important Dates:

None these months

Political Alliances:

Tyr & Seaborne: Trade Treaty

Therafore & Wellfor: Trade Treaty

Madrigore & Arangar: Trade Treaty & Mutual Defense Pact

Candor & Keth: Keth gives open borders & both sign Trade Treaty


Turn 1 Orders Received

14 of the 16 nations sent in their orders (no you can't know who didn't, public shaming doesn't start until turn 2). I shall begin processing orders during my lunch break today and will have the results to everyone tomorrow night.

A question has arisen on the order that nations are processed each month.

The answer is that it works similar to normal initiative.

Each nation has an initiative modifier, the larger the nation the lower the number as larger states have more bureaucracy and take longer to respond. Then a d20 is rolled. This is done every season so the order shuffles between the 32 nations with ties broken by initiative modifier, then size, then regent's administrate skill.

Orders are processed in the order they are given with one exception. If in Action 1 someone creates a trade route, but a Trade agreement is not yet in place, as long as the other nation has Diplomacy Trade agreement as their Action 1 it will be created anyway.

Nations which do not have their orders in will receive a predetermined set of orders with no court actions as their court is working overtime to get the regent's will done without actual knowledge of that will. I will tailor these based on discussions with the player, but they may not be the best orders to that player's plans.

I also have a request for each player. Please add a picture to your profile if you do not already have one, it makes it easier to pick out your emails from my list.

31st Alfor, Year 517
Turn 1 Intro

31st Alfor, year 517 of the Imperial Calendar

As the winter frosts have stopped and the sun has shown its face again.

In the northern realms snow holds thick and heavy.

In the southern kingdoms the chill wind is being replaced by the warmth of spring.


Important Dates:

7th & 8th Melifor, The Shadow's Time

The three moons, Drogor, Rargor, and Kurgor will all be hidden from the sky. The nights will be dark and full of terrors. As the moons wane higher magic will fail upon Arnor. Any Realm Spell Begun taking place during Melifor shall fail as the magic drains from the ceremony.

This is one of the most dangerous times as bonds are broken, oaths weaken, and the shadow world draws close enough to touch in places. There are stories of individuals walking down alleys and never coming out as the shadows take them.

Turn 0 Summaries Sent

All Turn 0 Summaries have been sent to all players. The game is now live and going. Feel free to communicate with your neighboring nations.

Orders are due Sunday the 10th of September no latter than 11:45PM CST.

Turn 0 Summaries Going Out, Game Commencing

Turn 0 Summaries are being sent out starting today.

The Turn 0 Summary has 4 items of note.

Events: These are positive, negative, or neutral events that will affect a nation or province. This could be anything from an assassination attempt to spying, from a rebellion to a bumper harvest.

Lieutenants Available: If an individual has come to the attention of the court and could be made into a lieutenant for the regent they shall be listed here.

Mercenaries Available: Special Mercenary Units that are available for hire, this is on top of the regular mercenary option.

Rumours: Items of interest, some true others lies that have been brought to the attention of the court or regent.

Subsequent Turn Results (Turn 1 onwards) will have the following information:

Action Results: The results of the action orders previously issued.

Domain Collection Results: How much GB & RP are taken in at the beginning of the season.

Domain Expenses: How much GB & RP were spent at the beginning of the season.

New Treasury & RP Pool: How many GB & RP are available this turn.

Nation Adjustments: Changes to provinces or holdings due to other nation actions or Events.

Military Update: Battle Results, unit health, desertions, etc.

Realm News: This section will contain information about formalized alliances, decrees (war, vassalage, etc), etc.


Once a Realm has received their turn Summary they are welcome to send back their orders for the following turn. Turn 1 Orders are due no later than 11:45PM Central Standard Time on Sunday September 10th.

If a nation has not received their Turn 0 Summary and/or there is information missing from your character sheet or Nation page by Friday September 1st please message me.

1st Turn pushed back 1 week

Due to Obsidian Portal being down for the last three days I have not had a chance to update everyone's kingdoms. I shall begin that process tonight, but to give everyone a chance to see all their information, I will be pushing the start date back one week. Instead of the 1st orders being due on the 3rd they will be due on the 10th.

Initial info delayed

Going over the rules Tim found there was an error on the wiki. Instead of all holdings costing 1/3 GB a turn, only fortified holdings cost that amount. Other holdings are free. With this I need to do a quick rebalancing of all nation holdings.

Not much is going to change however players will see a greater income I  the form of lowered costs with their nations.


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